Thank you to all who joined us for our inaugural exhibition, it was a tremendous experience for all involved. We appreciate your support.


VSAs: A Group Exhibition
Proudly presented by Keystone Gallery at Keystone Art Space

The participants of a groundbreaking exhibition opening this month are already in a museum, just not on the walls yet. They are the Visitor Service Associates (VSAs) who passionately look after and discuss the art that surrounds them in downtown Los Angeles' newest contemporary art museum, The Broad.

An astounding majority of the 100+ VSAs of The Broad are also artists, designers, art historians, curators, writers, and musicians. VSAs: A Group Exhibition showcases the multi-faceted skills of over 50 associates, who produced and curated the show featuring 36 artists in a variety of media: painting, photography, collage, mixed media, and sculpture. Opening night will feature the live musical stylings of two djing VSAs and a special zine library.

The exhibition is not sponsored nor endorsed by The Broad, rather conceived by two artist VSAs, Sarah Gonsalves and Sacha Baumann, both of whom have extensive experience producing and participating in exhibitions. Just as museum founders Eli and Edythe Broad have been inspired by their contemporaries and living artists, Gonsalves and Baumann looked around at their peers and recognized the immense talent that surrounded them.

The coordinating duo reached out to their coworkers and were met with great enthusiasm. A venue was secured, Keystone Gallery at Keystone Art Space, a fine and industrial arts warehouse in the Glassell Park neighborhood of northeast Los Angeles, where Baumann is the Operations Manager. The planning quickly commenced; they created the submission standards, facilitated a curatorial team, built a website, and began the exhibition’s marketing campaign.

The exhibition previews on Friday, January 22, 2016 and the Opening Reception is Saturday, January 23 at 6 p.m. and runs late until 11 p.m. to accommodate those VSAs working at the museum that night. A special friends and family Closing Reception will be held on Monday, February 1, 4-8 p.m. (the museum is closed that day).

For more information email hello@vsashow.com.

For updates and previews, visit http://vsashow.com/, the exhbition’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/vsashow/, and Instagram: http://instagram.com/vsashow.

A Statement from the Curators:

The work featured in VSAs: A Group Exhibition is not united by a central theme, however what the participating artists have in common is an enduring bond based on their enthusiasm for the Los Angeles arts community. All of the artists in the exhibition work as Visitor Services Associates (VSAs) at The Broad*, a new museum on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles specializing in Post-War and Contemporary Art.

Brought together by a desire to work in a leading cultural space in LA, in the months after the museum opened in September 2015, many VSAs began to recognize the immense talent amongst their fellow coworkers and interest grew in sharing their artistic practices with one another. What followed was an invitation by VSAs Sacha Baumann and Sarah Gonsalves to create a collaborative exhibition that showcases the art created by their colleagues. From the works hanging in the gallery, to the graphic design featured on press materials, to the curatorial plan, VSAs: A Group Exhibition was conceived and implemented entirely by Visitor Services Associates at The Broad.

The multiplicity in medium and subject matter on display echoes the wide-ranging interests of these museum staff members. A commitment to sharing knowledge of The Broad collection with visitors, and a love for Contemporary Art as a whole unites the artists, but their personal and creative backgrounds differ vastly. Some participants have been producing works for decades, while others are just beginning their professional practices. Many of the artists have BFAs and MFAs, others have years of experience passionately creating art. Some are educators, writers, and art historians. Thus the centrality found in VSAs: A Group Exhibitionis the diversity through which each of the artists on display showcase varied concepts in assorted media including painting, sculpture, photography, sound installation, and video.

Because there is no strict theoretical framework, curatorial choices were based on formal elements in each of the works, as well as the visual conversations that naturally emerged between pieces in the exhibition. The bonds and respect that formed between the VSAs is sustaining and unusual, and becomes the focus and inspiration for the exhibition.

VSAs: A Group Exhibition is held in loving memory of William Walker. 

VSAs: A Group Exhibition Curators:

Antoine Girard
Jenna Bao
Lucas Lacámara
Meg FitzRoy
Rachel Keller, writer
Raven Kalicki
Sarah Davis, lead
Trinity Singer

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